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No, it's non nigh 's anniversary (we're celebrating birthday on May!). It's a recap of all the 2012 films I accept watched. Too late? Maybe. But, whatever. I only experience similar I desire to larn inward :) If you lot rail my previous celluloid reviews you lot may observe that I don't sentinel likewise many films released inward 2012. Yeah, I acknowledge that. In my record, I only watched 26 films of 2012 spell at that spot are tons of them out inward cinemas in addition to download links DVDs. And that's why I post service this recap today. I accept at to the lowest degree 3 additional weeks to sentinel around films inward my watch-list.

Flashbacks in addition to Corrections

Do you lot cry upward my "2012-Movies-to-Watch-Next" lists? Yeah, my destination was fulfilling it to the maximum spot out of films I could see. There are 14 films listed equally the films I desire to run into inward the in conclusion quarter of 2012, in addition to only 5 of them are done watched yesteryear me (duh!). The other 7 films were nonetheless untouched, spell 2 films ("To The Wonder" in addition to "Gangster Squad") are considered equally films released inward 2013.

Many notes I made for all the 2012 films I accept watched:
  1. No novel 5-star-ed films of 2012. The highest rating given is 4.5 for "Life of Pi".
  2. The to the lowest degree rating given is 2-star. You wanna know what films got that to the lowest degree rating? It's "5cm." in addition to "21 Jump Street".
  3. While I'm currently talking nigh star rating, I am referring to the rating I made inward the "Review Index" page (see horizontal card above). I didn't refer to the rating I made at the bottom business office of the review (you should read the bottom business office of "Review Index" page to empathize this). Sorry for the confusions.
  4. At get-go I won't insert those not-yet-reviewed films to this list, but I finally spot them together. I estimate the betoken of this recap is non only for the films I accept reviewed but also the films that I haven't yet reviewed. But, of course, I charge per unit of measurement them from 0 to five star (but I don't spot them inward the "Review Index" page). Those not-yet-reviewed films are: "21 Jump Street" (2/5); "Battleship" (2.5/5); "The Hunger Games" (3/5); "The Raid" (3.5/5).
  5. Mostly, I watched alone (dududu ,), but for these films, I (luckily) had a fellowship to watch: "5cm." (with my really best friends inward college, equally nosotros idea the celluloid would last best seen amongst best friends); "Battleship" (with my classmates whom I've already missed yesteryear immediately :')); "Habibie & Ainun" (with my mom); "Looper" (with my friend); "Skyfall" (with my Bekasi friends); "The Avengers" (again, amongst my classmates); "The Dark Knight Rises" (again, amongst my closest classmates).
  6. Some of the (considered as) proficient films that I skipped watching on cinemas: "Wreck-It Ralph", "Prometheus", "End of Watch", "Rust & Bones" (and all the European films screened on "Europe On Screen" outcome inward Jakarta), in addition to "The Amazing Spider-Man" (duh!).


Maybe it seems that I don't transcend the "unwritten prerequisites" to brand such a Best-of-The-Year listing similar this but, I force myself (too far) that I finally manage to listing only 5 best films of 2012 (*please laugh*). We'll start from five honorable mentions.

(in alphabetical order)

HABIBIE & AINUN   Indonesia | Dir: Faozan Rizal | 3.5/5
Reza Rahardian has lost his somebody in addition to turned into our ex-president, B.J. Habibie. He is genuinely i of the best Indonesian immature actors. He in addition to Bunga Citra Lestari lift "Habibie & Ainun" equally non only Indonesia's No.1 Box Office, but also a remarkable romantic celluloid inward history.

TED   USA | Dir: Seth MacFarlane | 3.5/5
Who could hold off that this year's most hilarious comedy human activity comes from a fluffy teddy bear? Seth MacFarlane's "Ted" was to a greater extent than than only inappropriate, ridiculous, in addition to comical; it turns into a celluloid you lot accept to pass together amongst your buddy.

THE AVENGERS   USA | Dir: Joss Whedon | 3.5/5
I rarely bask superhero films but "The Avengers" is the i that everyone only can't miss. If you're a Marvel fanboy, you'll got a climax watching this film, but although I'm non (considered as) a fanboy, I did bask "The Avengers" equally if I'm a superhero fanboy.

THE CABIN IN THE WOODS   USA | Dir: Drew Goddard | 3.5/5
"The Cabin inward the Woods" didn't terrify me. I didn't fifty-fifty accept a nightmare on the black I watched this film. It's only where you lot force the boundaries of whatsoever other typical horror films then you lot accept a larger expanse to get together all the creepy creatures you lot could imagine in addition to play amongst them.

THE RAID   Indonesia | Dir: Gareth Evans | 3.5/5
"The Raid" volition transcend away on you lot dorsum on your seat, manage your breath, in addition to pass your one-and-a-half hours inward a barbarous action. Breath-taking. Knowing that it comes from my ain solid set down is what makes it to a greater extent than delightful.

now, larn laid for... *drum rolls*

(in descending guild of ratings)

ARGO   USA | Dir: Ben Affleck | 4/5
Breath-taking opening, detailed capture of history, prissy directing, interesting premise, in addition to a closing that pumps your adrenaline. "Argo" has them all. Forget the Oscar snub: Ben Affleck, you lot got my accolades.

MOONRISE KINGDOM   USA | Dir: Wes Anderson | 4/5
"Moonrise Kingdom" is an eccentricity wrapped inward a puppy honey of 2 runaway immature lovers. With all the photographic television camera work, supporting music, in addition to the cast, ah... could it last whatsoever sweeter?

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES   USA | Dir: Christopher Nolan | 4/5
I nonetheless hang the poster inward my room, in addition to accept no intention to supersede it. You may intend that "The Dark Knight Rises" is overrated, but for me, it's a perfect closing for the best superhero trilogy of the decade.

THE PERKS OF BEING Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 WALLFLOWER   USA | Dir: Stephen Chbosky | 4/5
It's mesmerizing to last surprised yesteryear this seemingly uninteresting film. "The Perks of Being Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Wallflower" is immature in addition to lovely. This is the right celluloid you lot accept to bask amongst all your best friends. "We are infinite!"

LIFE OF PI   USA | Dir: Ang Lee | 4.5/5
"Life of Pi" is when a dramatic life journeying described inward such a beautiful art. It is moving, inspiring, in addition to heart-warming. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 tremendous celluloid that makes you lot intend in addition to last grateful for the life you lot have. Thank you, Pi. Thank you, Richard Parker.

Voila. That's a recap of the films released on 2012. Many corrections in addition to inputs for me, eh? Yeah, the affair is that I demand to larn dorsum on my track: watching films similar crazy (in 2011, I did sentinel similar 200 films :D). I promise things only larn ameliorate in addition to smoother for 2013. Wanna cheque on my 2013 watchlist? I'm gonna post service it soon.

P.S.: Talking nigh 2013, is gonna celebrate the 1st anniversary on May sixteen 2013. Wait for the surprises! :D

                                   Tommy: "Was it Dillinger who got shot through the eyeball or am I thinking of  somebody else."  Larry: "Moe Greene got shot through the eyeball inwards Godfather." Tommy: "Yeah, I am talking virtually inwards existent life." 
                                   Tommy (Michael Stuhlbarg) as well as Larry (Michael Pitt) are the hit-men who are talking idly earlier waiting to shoot a daughter through the eyeball. But, they are surprised when a human being walks behind them as well as shoots them through their eyeballs. Yeah, nosotros accept seen this form of basis earlier -- the basis of contemplations on foot massage as well as Royale amongst the Cheese. This is the basis of Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, which has inspired countless skillful movies (Snatch, Lock Stock as well as Two Smoking Barrels, Go) to many over-cooked borderline unwatchable movies(The Revolver, Smokin' Aces etc). Martin McDonagh's "Seven Psychopaths" (2012) is ane of those skillful movies laid inwards the quirky criminal offence basis as well as similar that higher upwards mentioned dialogues, it's all vicious skillful fun.
        Marty (Colin Farrell) is working on a script entitled "Seven Psychopaths." He has hitting a writer's block as well as is suffering from drinking problems. Marty's problems amongst his daughter friend Kaya (Abbie Cornish) is already simmering when nosotros encounter the unhappy couple. His friend, Billy (Sam Rockwell) is an jobless histrion as well as he along amongst his calm partner Hans (Christopher Walken) are inwards the part-time draw of piece of work organisation of dognapping. Billy  is desperate to collaborate on the projection amongst Marty, if alone the ii tin uncovering a agency to span their creative differences. Billy even places an promotion inwards the newspapers calling all psychos to assistance amongst research.          

                When Billy as well as Hans are involved inwards the theft of a Shih Tzu belonging to a murderous criminal offence boss, Charlie Costello (Woody Harrelson). Charlie already has problems amongst his daughter friend as well as in that location is too a shadowy assassinator taking out his his men. When Charlie kills Hans' cancer-ridden Wife, Myra, mayhem arises as well as all the characters are caught upwards inwards an escalating, tearing situation.

                  Director McDonagh made an first-class debut amongst "In Bruges" which has crept upwards inwards many guys favorite cinema lists, partly cheers to its quotability. The domestic dog hostage province of affairs offers an fifty-fifty funnier premise as well as every fourth dimension when it appears that he has hitting the dead-end, he off-roads the painting present into a fresh territory. But, McDonagh's touches on bigger philosophical issues as well as afterlife are somehow unsatisfying. His determination precisely seems to hold out cynical which points out that no ane gets out of the basis alive.  

McDonagh as well as Sam Rockwell
                    The cinema laid reminds us of "Adaptation", "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", where every painting present cliché is followed past times a footnote. Many dialogues satirizes the manner of film-making inwards practice: “None of the animals move out inwards the movie—just the women!” as well as when Marty identifies the 7 psychos inwards his screenplay, Hans laments "You're the ane that idea psychopaths were then interesting. They instruct deadening later a while, don't you lot think?" The script is twisty as well as is refreshingly absurdist. Martin fifty-fifty self-satirizes himself, since his writing talents doesn't include the knack of writing woman someone characters. Through Hans, he sort of provides a running commentary on the state of picture: “Your women characters are awful.” The script too looks to a greater extent than effective when things are kept simple–and moving.  The stand upwards out is the unsettling infirmary sequence involving a standoff betwixt Harrelson as well as the fantastic Linda Bright Clay equally Walken’s wife.

                   Colin Farrell looks then skillful inwards indie dramas than the hollow-point block-busters similar Fright Night or Total Recall. With his communicating eyebrows, Farrell is amicably effective equally Marty as well as delivers his best move since "In Bruges." He underplays equally the token non-psychopath. Rockwell's surgery equally Billy is infectious, actually slap-up fun to watch. Walken has acted for nearly iv decades as well as equally Hans he in ane lawsuit once again proves that he is nonetheless a slap-up scene-stealer. Walken gets an first-class minute amongst Harrelson’s gangster that’s equally skillful equally his confrontation equally gangster amongst Dennis Hopper inwards True Romance. As Costello Harrelson brings the correct mix of absurdity as well as humanity into the basis of psychopathic crime. The painting present too holds roughly darkly funny cameos from Tom Waits equally the rabbit belongings psychopath as well as Harry Dean Stanton.

                    Unlike In Bruges – which had delivered to a greater extent than core – this flick never pretends to hold out anything but a perfectly cast darkly funny movie. The smart perceptions virtually lazy film-making nonetheless use to this painting present equally much equally to the most average shoot ’em upwards ones. May hold out non the best, but "Seven Psychopaths" amongst all its craziness, is certain is an entertaining one.


Seven Psychopaths - IMDb 


Done reading my 2012 recap? Great. Now it's fourth dimension to stimulate got a sneak-peek of what movies I am most looking frontwards to seeing this year. Of course, when I am proverb "this year" it does non ever come upwards alongside a existent unloosen appointment of this year. There are mayhap some films that stimulate got to survive postponed to the side past times side twelvemonth due to uncertain reasons. And hoping it volition survive screened here, inward the local cinemas, correct on the worldwide unloosen appointment is genuinely a doubtful affair :) but at to the lowest degree I but desire to portion my curiosity of some of the films planned to survive released this year.

First of all, I desire yous to come across this.


It is from 9GAG too it is a existent aid for us, cinema-goers! You may expose "Les Mis" (stands for "Les Miserables") too I haven't watched it until right away too then I volition stimulate got it every bit a 2013 release. Some of the films listed inward a higher house which I may pay attending too stimulate got involvement to lookout are "G.I. Joe: Retaliation", "Scary Movie 5", "Iron Man 3", "The Fast too the Furious 6", "Star Trek Into Darkness", "Despicable Me 2", too "The Wolverine". Seems in that location are a bunch of box-office films inward that list, huh? Well, yous know that I'm not highly interested inward that kinds of movies, but beside all that, hither are my picks of x most anticipate films of 2013 (in alphabetical order):

(Dir: Zack Snyder)
It feels to a greater extent than than but some other superhero movie. Christopher Nolan every bit the even out creator too the producer? Seems promising. I intend "Man of Steel" is non but a resurrection of Superman. It feels to a greater extent than to survive this year's "The Dark Knight". Henry Cavill is the novel Clark Kent, too in that location are Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, Michael Shannon, too Kevin Costner every bit supporting actors. Seems real promising. (trailer | IMDb)
 (Dir: Spike Lee)
Oh, yes, I mentioned Park Chan-wook's "Oldboy" every bit 1 of my most favorite films of all time. It but blew my mind. Now that I stimulate got known the entire plot of it (including the surprising ending scene), I don't expression that this remake volition every bit mind-blowing every bit its predecessor. I but desire to come across if the Hollywood remake volition survive every bit depressing every bit the master copy film. (no trailer withal | IMDb)

(Dir: Simon Barrett, Jason Eisener, Gregg Hale, Eduardo Sánchez, Adam Wingard)
I haven't watched its prequel, "V/H/S", but "S-VHS", right away screening on Sundance, receives mixed reviews. Actually I'm but curious alongside "Safe Haven", 1 of the sub-stories of "S-VHS" written past times Gareth Evans (the managing director of "The Raid") too Timo Tjahjanto (the managing director of "Rumah Dara" a.k.a "Macabre"). "Safe Haven" receives to a greater extent than oftentimes than non positive reviews too I am real interested to come across it. (trailer | IMDb)

(Dir: Steven Soderbergh)
"Side Effects" could survive but some other unpromising thriller/drama, but practice yous know what actually attracts me to lookout it? It's Rooney Mara. Haha. Well, she actually got a corking buzz for his latest functioning inward "The Girl alongside The Dragon Tattoo" too it is but overnice to come across her back. I don't expression much from Soderbergh (I stimulate got non watched much of his movies), but his latest work, "Magic Mike", shows that he likes experimenting inward whatever kinds of stories. (trailer | IMDb)

(Dir: Park Chan-wook)
Whilst Park Chan-wook's outstanding previous work, "Oldboy", has been taken for a Hollywood remake, Park himself is working on his real outset Hollywood project. It's "Stoker", a horror-mystery close a troubled family, starring Mia Wasikowska, Nicole Kidman, too Matthew Goode. The trailer seems promising, but I don't expression likewise much from it. (trailer | IMDb)

(Dir: Peter Jackson)
The outset film, "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey", was non that amusing, but I intend the mo celluloid volition comprise a to a greater extent than exciting story. Some volition predict that the whole points of the novel volition survive to a greater extent than oftentimes than non told inward this mo film, too then I promise "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" volition survive to a greater extent than than but a beat-around-the-bush compared to what Peter Jackson did inward the outset film. (no trailer withal | IMDb)

(Dir: Francis Lawrence)
Gary Ross, who handled the outset celluloid of "The Hunger Games", declined to proceed working on this mo film. Francis Lawrence replaced his place, non alone for "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" but also for "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" which is gonna survive carve upwards into 2 parts. "The Hunger Games" was a fleck amusing for me too alongside a whole unlike crew treatment the side past times side projection (a unlike screenwriter team, too), I am real interested alongside how "Catching Fire" volition gonna be. (no trailer withal | IMDb)

(Dir: Edgar Wright)
They are teaming upwards again! Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, too Edgar Wright volition survive dorsum inward this apocalyptic/comedy film. "Shaun of the Dead" is genuinely awesome, "Hot Fuzz" is surprisingly mesmerizing, too I promise "The World's End", the final celluloid of something they telephone telephone every bit "The Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy" a.k.a. "The Blood too The Ice Cream Trilogy", volition survive spectacular. (no trailer withal | IMDb)

(Dir: Terrence Malick)
"The Tree of Life" is the alone celluloid of Terrence Malick that I stimulate got watched, too it's genuinely a beautiful, one-of-a-kind cinematic experience. IMDb listed 3 novel films of Malick roughly 2013-2014, but "To The Wonder" is the alone that most probable unloosen this twelvemonth afterward having its premiere on final year's Venice Film Festival. Watch the trailer, too you'll empathise its beauty. (trailer | IMDb)

(Dir: Mouly Surya)
H5N1 long title, eh? Well, "What They Don't Talk About When They Talk About Love" is right away competing inward Sundance Film Festival for category "World Cinema - Dramatic". Originally titled as "Yang Tidak Dibicarakan Ketika Membicarakan Cinta", it is a big wow for Indonesian local celluloid industry. I don't know if in that location stimulate got ever whatever of Indonesian filmmakers that could brand an entrance to Sundance, too then Mouly Surya absolutely deserves recognitions. (trailer | IMDb)

So, 10 films listed inward a higher house are what I actually wanted to come across this year. I'm likely gonna postal service some other watch-list inward mid or final quarter of this year, when the buzz for the accolade flavour starts coming. What close other movies non listed here? Of course, I stimulate got an involvement to come across them, but these 10 films are what I am actually wanted to come across this year. :)


“Compliance” made its premiere on terminal year’s Sundance Film Festival too received to a greater extent than frequently than non positive review from critics. HollywoodReporter made a study of the province of affairs of the premiere, which was amount of shouting too tension due to the arguing too the overall theme that “Compliance” raised. Maybe the fact that the theme was a truthful lawsuit is what makes “Compliance” a controversy. This independent cinema talks close a prank telephone phone that ends inwards sexual laid upward on to women. Trust me, subsequently having a adventure to lookout adult man it, I experience the cinema itself is sort of annoying too unbelievably stressful. Read to a greater extent than to sympathize why.

It was a busy hateful solar daytime inwards ChickWich, a fast-food eating seat inwards a town inwards USA. Sandra (played past times Ann Dowd), the managing director of ChickWich, received a telephone phone telephone from someone addressing himself every bit a constabulary officeholder named Officer Daniels (played past times Pat Healy), maxim that ane of her employees—who was described similarly to Becky (played past times Dreama Walker)—stole coin from the customer. Officer Daniels said that he too his squad was working on the representative too inspecting Becky’s house, too hence they could non larn to the eating seat shortly to investigate Becky. At last, he asked Sandra to strip-search Becky to detect the money.


At root I don’t wanna bring upward that “Compliance” is close a prank call, because I intend it would live a sort of spoiler, but IMDb too many other reviewers convey said so. Anyway, perchance at the root house you lot would convey suspected that the telephone phone telephone Sandra received was non a existent telephone phone from the police. It only went peculiar when a constabulary officeholder asked a civilian to practise such a criminal investigation. The stress betoken is how could Sandra too all other employees tricked to recognize the caller every bit a existent cop. I don’t know, I only kept wondering if in that place was a hypnotizing resultant of the words of the prank caller that made Sandra live brain-washed to practise such an extremely annoying affair (see, fifty-fifty she nodded to enquire ane of her manlike someone employee to practise the strip-search!) that Officer Daniels instructed. Was it only a cast of stupidity, was it because that they were having a real busy hateful solar daytime inwards the restaurant, or was it because Sandra was somewhat hypnotized past times Daniels? You tin enquire yourself what you lot are gonna practise if you lot larn that sort of call. Will you lot only nod to the instructions given or volition you lot inspect who the caller truly is? That’s the point. It went too hence emotionally gripping that I only couldn’t stand upward seeing them getting punked too beingness too hence silly. It only makes you lot desire to cry bad words too swears. However, if your tension gets raised subsequently watching this movie, it’s a proof that “Compliance” did such a overnice project to play amongst your attention. Maybe you lot volition query who the prank caller truly was, what his motive was, too was the motive connected to whatever personal revenge or something, but truly “Compliance” volition only give you lot a fact that in that place is to a greater extent than than seventy similar accidents happened closed to the province too what Becky too Sandra had was only a small-scale capture of a bigger electrical current situation. It is non a one-of-a-kind story, too although that makes me a piffling combat unsatisfied amongst the ending (you know, I only wanted to run into the prank caller live tortured to expiry for what he convey done :P), it’s even too hence a surprising truthful event.

Applause is given to Ann Dowd for beingness such a “silly” managing director inwards a hectic situation. ChickWich was having a bunch of customers, running out of bacon, too getting an unknown call. Those 3 occurrences surrounded Sandra, but she could create out them all inwards order, responsibly, too nicely. Maybe Sandra was the ane defendant for all the sexual laid upward on that Becky had, but in that place are times I run into her innocent for all her instructions to Becky, re-instructed from Daniels from the phone, because perchance every bit the exclusively leader inwards the restaurant, she was likewise wired-in to focus on a unmarried problem. Ann Dowd naturally makes it possible to live both reckless too rigid too it is a expert affair from “Compliance”. The low-point of it comes from Dreama Walker. As a victim, I didn’t run into her looked depressed or disturbed for all the annoying affair happened to her. Nothing slightly changed from her mimics too expressions, too although the moving painting itself is gripping plenty for the acting she did—and she was whom our sympathy was addressed to, I gauge if she played to a greater extent than amongst her emotion regarding to the sexual harassment she had, “Compliance” volition larn to a greater extent than disturbing. We’ll run into her topless hither but I don’t intend it’s something urgently needed for the plot, because she unsuccessfully encompass the amount stress that Becky truly had.


Finally, “Compliance” is a one-and-a-half hr of depression. I only can’t continue myself sit down comfortably watching a adult woman sexually harassed via phone, but I realize that this is what “Compliance” successfully did to its viewers. It is somewhat disturbing, irritating, too silently provocative. It only hooked you lot to got mad (and cry “You freggin’ mor*n!”) but “Compliance” only gave you lot a capture of facts. Seriously, if you lot convey an emotional problem, you lot should non lookout adult man this one. Haha. It went to a greater extent than than the simplicity it has, too land it seems unbelievable, “Compliance”—again—is only a capture of truthful event.


 ▲  Ann Dowd, emotionally-provoking
 ▼  less emotional acting past times Dreama Walker, lacks of motives too supporting back-stories

COMPLIANCE | COUNTRY USA YEAR 2012 RATING Rated R for linguistic communication too sexual content/nudity RUNTIME 90 instant GENRE Crime, Drama, Thriller CAST Ann Dowd, Dreama Walker, Pat Healy, Bill Camp, Philip Ettinger WRITER Craig Zobel DIRECTOR Craig Zobel IMDB RATING 6.5/10 METACRITC 68/100 (Generally Favorable) ROTTEN TOMATOES 89% (Certified Fresh) MORE INFO


"One is the loneliest release that you’ll always do..." I sing that vocal acre writing this review. “One” yesteryear Aimee Mann may hold out 1 of then many things I loved from “Magnolia”, written as well as directed yesteryear Paul Thomas Anderson. Laugh at me: this is the showtime fourth dimension I scout whatsoever of his works. While I then eagerly wanted to scout his latest movie, “The Master” (but until instantly I haven’t got a run a peril to scout it), I got a recommendation yesteryear Nugrosinema to scout “Magnolia”, which he considered equally the masterpiece of Anderson. So, I attempt it. And I handgrip that it is a really overnice motion painting as well as attracting me to scout to a greater extent than of his work.

“Magnolia” is genuinely a wrap of several unlike stories, but I can’t state it’s an anthology because the stories are interrelated to each other, making it a motion painting amongst a unmarried grand plot instead of separated fragments. Frank T.J. Mackey (played yesteryear Tom Cruise) is a public-speaker amongst a programme called “Seduce as well as Destroy” which motivates men to occupation women for sex. Claudia Wilson (played yesteryear Melora Walters) is a troubled adult woman as well as a cocaine addict. Jim Kurring (played yesteryear John C. Reilly) is a religious, self-managed, as well as dependent law officer. Jimmy Gator (played yesteryear Philip Baker Hall) owns a pop quiz exhibit on TV called “What Do Kids Know?”, acre Stanley (played yesteryear Jeremy Blackman) is a genius tiddler as well as a long-running contestant of that show—seemingly existence besides pushed yesteryear his dad (played yesteryear Michael Bowen). Donnie Smith (played yesteryear William H. Macy), well-known equally The Quiz Kid since he won Jimmy’s quiz exhibit when he was a kid, has exactly fired from his work. Phil Pharma (played yesteryear Philip Seymour Hoffman) is an in-charge manly individual caretaker who takes aid of Earl Partridge (played yesteryear Jason Robards) inward his house, acre Linda Partridge (played yesteryear Julianne Moore), Earl’s wife, is then depressed seeing her hubby dying. These characters melts into a surprising correlation of each other as well as ends into a deep determination of faith as well as hope.


The motion painting is opened amongst a brief floor that implies what the residue of the plot volition utter about. H5N1 resident of Greenberry Hill was murdered yesteryear iii vagrants named Green, Berry, as well as Hill. H5N1 blackjack dealer who went scuba-diving inward a lake was swept into a firefighting airplane whose airplane pilot was a guy who had a deal amongst him on the casino 2 days ago. H5N1 teenager attempted suicide yesteryear jumping off the roof of his apartment, as well as when he passed the window of the apartment, he accidentally got shot yesteryear a gun his mom used when she was argument amongst his dad. What is the similarity of these iii stories? Coincidence. Yeah, coincidence is a theme that connect the ensemble characters into a great, interesting story. Coincidence is what makes “Magnolia” goes to a greater extent than than exactly a drama amongst a plot. It encourages thought, positively inspires, as well as emotionally moves. The characters start from their ain points as well as displace creating lines that intersect beautifully, as well as acre the overlapping story-lines seem walking their ain paths, they are genuinely gathered nether a large theme: seeking promise as well as self-introspection. That’s why, “Magnolia” is non a floor that yous tin easily tell because it’s to a greater extent than to hold out a cinematic as well as emotional experience rather than exactly a motion painting amongst interesting plot. Concerning to this, viewers as well as critics are separate into 2 side opinions of “Magnolia”. Some critics said that it is bright as well as original, acre the residue said it is ambitious, complicated, as well as goalless. I practise come across ambition inward “Magnolia” (look, combining unlike characters amongst their ain problems into a grand, interrelating plot was a tough undertaking to do), but I also come across success. I easily choose handgrip of what “Magnolia” tries to transfer to the viewers, I come across beauty inward its every scene, as well as although at that topographic point are no brief as well as clear conclusions of each problems from every character, nosotros are served amongst a greater resolution that doesn’t specifically solve each job but unimaginably relieves whatsoever complications this motion painting has inward its every edge.

Another matter that makes “Magnolia” is groovy for me is the grapheme development. Every grapheme has almost similar share of focus as well as mood, as well as each develops as well as accumulates into a bigger, natural conflict that relieves then beautifully amongst supportive music playing inward the background. There’s a sense of savor of musical inward “Magnolia” (I exactly dearest the soundtracks, peculiarly Aimee Mann’s “One” as well as “Wise Up”), as well as there’s charm from the photographic television camera travel that brings overnice dynamics as well as settles mood inward every scene. The long-take Anderson did in, for example, the training of the quiz exhibit is unforgettable. From the acting department, all the actors did similarly groovy jobs, but Tom Cruise notably played the grapheme whom viewers paid most attending to. “Magnolia” is 1 of few movies where yous tin come across groovy acting yesteryear Tom Cruise. Seriously, it’s sort of rare lately seeing this guy playing groovy purpose amongst groovy acting inward a movie. “Magnolia” is where Tom Cruise proved to the viewers that he could act, as well as he deserved his Oscar nomination for his groovy job. Anyway, “Magnolia” has a groovy ensemble cast. Every grapheme provokes unlike reactions from the viewers. Maybe at that topographic point are small-scale conflicts that seem either besides abrupt or unfinished, similar [SPOILER STARTS] the conflict Jimmy had amongst his wife, Rose (played yesteryear Melinda Dillon), which is placed besides unopen to the ending then it didn’t successfully got larger attention, or the conflict Stanley had amongst his quiz assistant, which seems awkwardly ended as well as discontinued [SPOILER ENDS]. Anderson tries to brand derivations from the evolution of each grapheme yesteryear bringing to a greater extent than characters to every character’s problem, but, inward really few occurences, it fails.


Finally, Paul Thomas Anderson turned “Magnolia” into a motion painting that is to a greater extent than than exactly whatsoever other dramas. I acknowledge that it is non something viewer could easily enjoy, but in 1 lawsuit yous experience it, yous volition empathise why three-hour duration of this motion painting went then fast for me. After watching “Magnolia”, it’s yours to translate the story, fifty-fifty what the championship “Magnolia” genuinely means. It’s great—the concluding scene was undoubtedly mindf*ck—and ambitious. I won’t state that it is one-of-a-kind, but it genuinely grabs my amount attention. "It’s non going to stop... then exactly give up".


 ▲  Outstanding travel of combining several stories into a grand plot, supportive background music, Tom Cruise, groovy ensemble cast
 ▼  May seem weird as well as goalless, unsuccessful small-scale conflicts

MAGNOLIA | COUNTRY USA YEAR 1999 RATING Rated R for rigid language, drug use, sexuality as well as some violence RUNTIME 188 2nd GENRE Drama CAST Tom Cruise, Julianne Moore, Philip Seymour Hoffman, William H. Macy, John C. Reilly WRITER Paul Thomas Anderson DIRECTOR Paul Thomas Anderson IMDB RATING 8.0/10 METACRITIC 77/100 (Generally Favorable) ROTTEN TOMATOES 83% (Certified Fresh) MORE INFO

                            An all-American revenge movie. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 typical Hollywood mode thriller. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 video game. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 moving painting that gleefully employs torture. These are the words I had inwards hear earlier watching Kathryn Bigelow's decade-spinning docudrama on the hunt for Osama bin Laden. But, her novel moving painting "Zero Dark Thirty" is a thriller which rejects nearly every platitude ane powerfulness await from a Hollywood handling of the subject. Though non to a greater extent than or less the trip-wire tense of "The Hurt Locker" (Bigelow's previous venture), it is withal an engrossing graphic symbol study. 

                          Zero Dark Thirty is non total of surprises in addition to twists. You know how it's gonna end: amongst the bullet-ridden trunk of Bin Laden. Whereas the suspense comes from the events leading to that moment. The moving painting depicts a nine-year period, from the early on days of the state of war inwards Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan to the midnight onset inwards a household inwards Abbottabad from which the moving painting takes its name. It opens inwards an haunting fashion, amongst a blank covert and  frantic telephone calls from people trapped inwards the World Trade Center. Then, nosotros are taken to a CIA army camp where an AL-Qaeda operative is beingness tortured. Dan (Jason Clarke), the CIA agent has clearly been at this for a stretch, amongst a Standard Arabic script tattooed along his forearm. Along amongst him nosotros come across Maya (Jessica Chastain), who looks similar a girl in a smart dark pantsuit in addition to is clearly uncomfortable amongst the water-boarding in addition to sexual humiliation that were mutual do inwards the morally fuzzy rendition era. 

                        Later, Maya takes over Dan's utilization in addition to she fifty-fifty proves capable of intimidating her boss, Special Agent Joseph Bradley (Kyle Chandler). After attacks all over Europe in addition to many fake leads, she links upwards a courier to the Al Qaeda leader in addition to a chemical compound inwards Pakistan. No ane else believes her in addition to it takes a lots of days to convince the regime bureaucracy to purchase inwards in addition to eventually a raid is approved on the habitation inwards Pakistan. The lastly 35 minutes of the moving painting re-enacts the dead-of-night mission from the SEALs' quest of thought amongst heart-stopping efficiency. 

                       The moving painting has generated a heated fighting on the intentions of managing director Kathryn Bigelow in addition to screenwriter Mark Boal regarding the scenes of torture. All of us powerfulness discovery the question sequences hard to watch, which is as it should be. They are non judging anything here, but but showing a procedure in addition to leaving the balance upwards to us. The early on scenes of torture somehow confronts Maya in addition to ourselves equally. At first, nosotros come across her cringe at the actions of Dan, in addition to thus she makes an inner determination in addition to gets dorsum to the run at hand, which for her isn’t most torture but everything that comes after. 

                       After these Bigelow in addition to Boal tardily plough our attending from the den of horrors to a to a greater extent than routine landscape of CIA. They follow diverse leads, bribe a Saudi prince amongst a Lamborghini,and afterwards a tip most Al-Qaeda courier. The script yesteryear Mark Boal takes the government's official concern human relationship of the hunt in addition to enhances it amongst the off-the-record details provided yesteryear many sources. The script trusts us to procedure all the information making us becoming component of the squad as nosotros watch, sharp-eyed, for the snippet that could boot the bucket a breakthrough. The characters identifications are based upon the real-life people, but their names are changed. James Gandolfini portrays the CIA director, but he is never mentioned yesteryear name. The primary graphic symbol Maya is a semi-fictionalized parallel for a counterpart. 

Mark Boal in addition to Bigelow
                   Bigelow's Hurt Locker previously dropped us to a greater extent than or less to the blast radius, her Zero Dark Thirty gives us a dissimilar sort of sensory immersion. She takes us into the badly furnished offices where devoted world servants willingly sacrifice "normal" lives inwards the shout of something bigger than themselves. Bigelow briefly visits the compound’s dead — including a married adult man in addition to married adult woman whose weeping children live them — it’s a minute that quietly but firmly underscores the humanness of everybody involved. Greig Fraser's cinematography imbibes viewer's attending into the activity without resorting to shaky photographic tv set camera work.

                      Jessica Chastain gives a sensational surgery as Maya. Chastain looks pale in addition to slight of stature amongst a strawberry blond hair, but she holds the covert amongst a feral intensity, an obsessive's self-possession. Maya is a rare on-screen character. She is a sturdy, powerful woman somebody graphic symbol amongst the forcefulness in addition to presence to dominate inwards a traditional thriller genre, which generally belongs to male. After Maya's accomplishment of her decade-long mission, Chastain finally allows emotion to come upwards flooding in, and, managing director Bigelow leaves the pregnant of it to us: Is it a relief for the vengeance she has served? Or nation of desperation at how trivial has genuinely changed?

                       The running fourth dimension clocks at 156 minutes, but it passes inwards the twinkling of an eye. "Zero Dark Thirty" neither glorifies torture nor celebrates the killing of Bin Laden, it's graphic symbol written report at people, who boot the bucket along most their job, sometimes obsessively, until they larn what they want. It's for all those who craves for the thrillers to live thought-provoking.


Zero Dark Thirty - IMDb


Haha, I possess got simply realized it when I was done writing my review on "Magnolia". It's my 100th post! I should possess got celebrated it, shouldn't I? But, I won't revert the review to draft in addition to hence I could post service my 100th post service in addition to force the review every bit 101st. Finally, hither it is. This is my 101st post. Sounds funny, eh? Haha.

Well, what is it going about? I don't know. I simply experience similar I request to remark this. I mean, everything needs perfect moment, right? And this 101st post service agency a lot for me. It agency consistency, that "" is close ix months quondam side yesteryear side Feb in addition to I proceed writing alongside a expert frequency. I don't know, this weblog has non fifty-fifty accomplish its starting fourth dimension twelvemonth but I come across things are developing nicely.

Anyway. Actually I possess got prepared a lot of things inwards my to-do list. I did conception to create many things alongside this blog, because, God, I freggin' dear movie-blogging. I request to catch to a greater extent than attention, I possess got to teach to a greater extent than comments, I should assure myself that in that place are surely readers who relish my blog. The pageviews let on are nevertheless rolling upward but I possess got no thought if it's simply still readers or lost blog-walkers. I simply desire to brand surely that in that place are people who possess got wages of things I love. You know, I simply don't desire to brand this weblog a playground for alone me. I acknowledge that things may become also plainly inwards the yesteryear 8 months, in addition to I know I request to reformulate things. You know, I e'er recollect that this weblog has no character. There is nil unique that this weblog offering to its reader. I proceed questioning what I should create close this, in addition to hence I come upward up alongside few ideas. Again, I recollect I request perfect timing to execute them. Haha.

Maybe I'm gonna create this side yesteryear side month. It's non actually that awesome in addition to spectacular, but we'll see. I simply don't desire it to hold upward e'er close reviews, reviews, in addition to reviews. I request to possess got my ain personal touch. Right now, I simply request back upward myself in addition to recollect positively. We'll see.


It’s closed to other dark comedy. “Carnage” was adapted from the play “Le Dieu du Carnage” or “God of Carnage” past times Yasmina Reza, a French playwright. After having a bully success inwards France, the play was re-produced for Broadway inwards 2009, gaining Reza a Tony Award for Best Play. Then, Roman Polanski co-wrote together with directed it for large covert nether an international co-production of France, Germany, Spain, together with Poland. It is shot inwards France, non USA, due to Polanski’s legal conviction inwards USA. It is also shot inwards real fourth dimension without breaks.

“Carnage” basically is a uncomplicated film. Two parents concur a coming together to verbalize over close the fighting their kids had. Michael Longstreet (played past times John C. Reilly) together with Penelope Longstreet (played past times Jodie Foster) are the parents of the man child who was struck past times a wooden stick, spell Alan Cowan (played past times Christoph Waltz) together with Nancy Cowan (played past times Kate Winslet) are the parents of the man child wielding the stick. Held inwards the Longstreet’s apartment, the coming together is started nicely together with friendly. But, it together with thus heated upwardly equally they started offensing each other rather than discussing close their kids.


“Carnage” is uncomplicated together with short. It’s exclusively lxxx minutes long, but it is able to enlarge unmarried work to a prissy up-and-down tension that, unintentionally, brings giggles. “Carnage” is onrush a unmarried location, which is the apartment, together with at that topographic point is nada viewers tin savor too the dialogues together with the acting. Of course, “Carnage” is really talky equally the dialogues reach a vast surface area of everyday’s conversation. It could brand “Carnage” boring, but it tin also last seen equally a simplicity. Just from the dialogue, nosotros tin consider that “Carnage” is rich. While the coming together was held to verbalize over close the kids, they started to verbalize to a greater extent than close parenting, career, pride, lifestyle, sexual domination, international issues, together with thus on. There is a skilful evolution of dialogues that involves viewers’ emotion, together with although it is non significant, it nevertheless takes our attention. It is genuinely supposed to brand viewers laugh, but the comedy “Carnage” offers is non something that nosotros tin easily absorb. We demand hold to focus to the debate they had to know the comical side of how childish they plough out to be. Maybe it’s a niggling flake brainy (and non-English-languaged viewers may detect difficulty to absorb it), but I recall the comedy “Carnage” offers is fresh. See, it’s form of rare finding a non-slapstick comedy similar this. Unless, later next the debate, we’ll simply piece of work either a nervus or yawns.

Besides, the upside of “Carnage” is the cast. Just similar the motion painting poster, each of the iv leading roles volition demonstrate their ain 3 dissimilar faces: prissy face, serious face, together with temper face. Reilly is a joky dad, Foster concerns a lot to her son, Waltz is e'er busy amongst his phone, together with Winslet is a stressful mom. Ah, the iv leading actors are simply to a greater extent than than capable of playing these interesting characters. They seem flora no pregnant obstacles inwards their acting. They are simply adequate, together with adequacy is what they are supposed to have. I mean, they are absolutely bully actors but they could pose downwards their shining character thus they didn’t seem abundant, which potentially destruct the simplicity of “Carnage”. It is simply amazing seeing how they transform from fair-minded parents who greatly describe of piece of work organisation close their kids, to adults who hid their fragility inwards a cast of childishness that seems thus tardily to last fueled. That’s a prissy grapheme development. They developed their ain hidden problems really smoothly together with it switches the principal focus of parent-to-parent debate to person-to-person or men-to-women debate. No exceptional cinematography, non fifty-fifty music (it seems that Alexander Desplat only composed music for the opening together with ending credits, because most of the duration was filled amongst dialogues together with debates) or exceptional prepare ornament (but it is a nice-looking apartment, actually), but the real-time shot is something that makes “Carnage” looks detailed together with elegantly crafted. Look, if you lot paid closed attending to the heaven from the window, it is clearly seen how fourth dimension piece of work past times equally they fighting within the apartment.


Finally, “Carnage” is a motion painting of dialogues together with acting. It has somewhat intelligent dialogues, it is filled amongst bully actors amongst interesting characters, together with it has a prissy grapheme together with storey development. Nothing more. Perhaps “Carnage” seems apparently together with non interesting, but it simply keeps itself from beingness too abundant. It is non equally much entertaining equally I assumed, ‘though, but it’s nevertheless a prissy cinema you lot could savor inwards your spare time.


 ▲  Nice evolution of characters together with story, bully acting past times all leading actors
 ▼  Not an easy-to-absorb comedy, may seems apparently together with boring

CARNAGE | COUNTRY French Republic YEAR 2011 RATING Rated R for linguistic communication RUNTIME 80 min GENRE Comedy, Drama CAST Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz, John C. Reilly, Elvis Polanski WRITER Yasmina Reza (play & screenplay), Roman Polanski (screenplay), Michael Katims (translation) DIRECTOR Roman Polanski IMDB RATING 7.2/10 METACRITIC 61/100 (Generally Favorable) ROTTEN TOMATOES 72% MORE INFO


One of the reasons I eagerly desire to picket a painting is to come across proficient acting. I'm intrigued to come across how the actors as well as actresses of a painting did a great  transformation into somebody else or, particularly, a real-life person. That's why I listed "Hitchcock" inwards the final year's watchlist. I come across Anthony Hopkins physically transformed into a guy known every bit a legendary director too every bit the Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, as well as taking an outlook of behind-the-scene of his masterpiece, "Psycho", every bit a premise may larn a guarantee that "Hitchcock" is a painting that you lot simply can't miss. But did it fifty-fifty help?

“Hitchcock” is about, of course, Alfred Hitchcock. After the success of “North past times Northwest” inwards 1959, Alfred Hitchcock (played past times Anthony Hopkins) wanted to brand a novel painting that could perchance recapture his credibility as well as excitement. Then, he decided to accommodate a horror novel, “Psycho”, although everybody doubted that it would hold upwards a big success. Not exceptionally his wife, Alma Reville (played past times Helen Mirren). She lost her temper seeing how Hitchcock seemed really obsessed amongst the actress he casted every bit the leading role, Janet Leigh (played past times Scarlett Johansson). In the contrary way, Hitchcock himself was envious seeing his married adult woman collaborating amongst Whitfield Cook (played past times Danny Huston) inwards creating a screenplay for a movie.


In brief, "Hitchcock" is a slightly improve version of "The Iron Lady". While inwards "The Iron Lady" Meryl Streep transformed into Margareth Thatcher, inwards "Hitchcock" Anthony Hopkins transformed into Alfred Hitchcock. But both simply almost did the same thing: putting the masterpiece of those legendary figures aside as well as focusing on their personal life. The making of "Psycho" is a jumping indicate to orbit to a greater extent than most the personal life of Hitchcock. In this case, it's most the human relationship of him as well as his wife, Alma Reville. So, if you lot expression to come across a detailed reconstruction of the making of "Psycho", you lot volition hold upwards disappointed. "Psycho" is simply a sample of the nearly indescribable as well as comprehensive life of Alfred Hitchcock, as well as piece the behind-the-scene premise began to hold upwards interesting (there's a feel of film-inside-a-film inwards "Hitchcock"), "Hitchcock" changed its rail to the emotional conflict betwixt Hitchcock as well as Alma. Maybe that's what makes this painting a piddling chip exhausting, since neither the emotional conflict nor the behind-the-scene of "Psycho" was explored enough, but luckily Sacha Gervasi, the director, was able to set it dorsum to its initial rail then that "Hitchcock" looks finished as well as resolved inwards the ending. The agency these 2 big premises intertwined may seems forced (I simply didn't similar seeing how Alfred hallucinated most the killer inwards “Psycho”; it was really staged), but seeing them wholly made me satisfied and, inwards a way, entertained. And “Hitchcock” is far less grandiose inwards taking a floor of an amazing figure into a biopic, because it is light, somewhat comedic, as well as unambitious.

H5N1 thumbs-up of "Hitchcock" is, of course, for the cast. Well, I don't know how the existent Alfred Hitchcock walked, talked, as well as behaved, but for me, Anthony Hopkins is pretty amazing inwards this movie. Becoming a totally unlike person, he simply nailed it. The makeup squad did such an amazing chore inwards making him physically looks similar to the existent Alfred, although—I don't know—I estimate Hopkins made Hitchcock a piddling chip comedic as well as less expressive (or was the existent Hitchcock similar that?). In the other hand, Helen Mirren did a to a greater extent than emotional acting for her character. She maybe non every bit transformed every bit Hopkins, but she was to a greater extent than attention-stealing. Like the quondam maxim told us, "Behind a slap-up man, there's a slap-up woman", that's what makes Alma to a greater extent than to hold upwards a fundamental grapheme rather than Hitchcock himself. Scarlett Johansson, still, was adorable as well as the residual of the cast succeeded portraying their characters inwards their ain capacity.


Finally, "Hitchcock" is entertaining, but it withal isn't every bit glamorous as well as remarkable every bit Alfred Hitchcock. I sympathise why Anthony Hopkins didn't larn whatsoever buzz for his functioning inwards this painting because, although he's amazing, the makeup subdivision is the 1 that deserves accolades. While "Hitchcock" supposedly talks to a greater extent than most Alfred Hitchcock, non most "Psycho", it withal has a improve wrap-up than "The Iron Lady".


 ▲  Great chore from the makeup department, Helen Mirren
 ▼  Unexpectedly dramatic instead of biographical

HITCHCOCK | COUNTRY USA YEAR 2012 RATING Rated PG-13 for some vehement images, sexual content as well as thematic fabric RUNTIME 98 mo GENRE Biography, Drama CAST Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, Scarlett Johansson, Danny Huston, Toni Collette WRITER John J. McLaughlin (screenplay), Stephen Rebello (book) DIRECTOR Sacha Gervasi IMDB RATING 7.0/10 METACRITIC 56/100 (Mixed or Average Reviews) ROTTEN TOMATOES 66% MORE INFO

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